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Caroline GallehawkEvery year millions of women deliver babies and go on to lead pain free functional lives; however, there are many who do not. Some continue to have persistent low back or pelvic pain while others fail to regain their urinary continence. And there are some Moms who ‘appear’ to recover, only to suffer a recurrence of back or pelvic girdle pain with or without incontinence/organ prolapse years later.

2 Days Post-partum

While most women experience a separation of their abdominal wall (diastasis rectus abdominis) during the third trimester of their pregnancy, almost all will close naturally in the early postpartum period (three months), but what about those that don’t? Who should consider surgery to correct their abdominal wall and who can get better with exercise training?

Most women take prenatal classes during their first pregnancy to learn about what’s ahead for them with respect to their delivery, but very few take a postpartum class to learn about things they should do to get their body back after having their baby and why this is so essential for their long-term health.

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