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Physiotherapists are movement specialists who are university educated and registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists. They can and should be also registered with the Health Professional Council.

Caroline is both a CSP member and is Registered with the HPC.  She is also registered with the Organisation of Physiotherapists in Private Practice.  You can find her details by following these links

Our Approach
Caroline aims to improve and restore optimal functioning through the use of a variety of treatments.  To achieve this Caroline seeks to identify the cause of your problems rather than simply treating the symptons. This means that you address the cause of your pain as opposed to merely treating your painful structures. To do this you will learn how the body inter relates to the things you feel, and believe about how your current experience can impact your function.

What we Treat

  • Back in Action – injuries and conditions, including sports injury
  • Back to Sport – sports performance, cycling running analysis, fit for golf, pilates, water exercise, gym exercise
  • Back in Control – women’s health, including stress incontinence
  • Back to Work – Ergonomics and RSI
  • Back in Balance – Physiotherapy for older people
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